social impact and sustainability

Cassie Snow, PMP

Cassie has an immense enthusiasm to make a positive impact on society inspired by the organizational support and individual kindness she received through her upbringing. Upon her realization that the world’s most significant issues are interconnected and exacerbated by each other, her passion for paying it forward to the community has intensified. She leverages her dedicated work ethic and ability to make deep connections to improve the well-being of humankind, most specifically those who have been unheard and underserved. Cassie’s mission is to contribute to building more thriving and resilient communities and environments.

social impact and sustainabilty professional

People-oriented leader with continuous growth in project management, program management, strategy, and cross-functional collaboration. I find genuine joy in empowering others to reach their goals and their highest potential and I find satisfaction in continuing to better myself, becoming a better leader, team mate and contributor. Throughout over two decades of customer service working primarily with Fortune 500 companies, I’ve built and maintained relationships with a dedicated and thorough work ethic. Adept in identification, implementation and, iteration of innovative solutions to problems through open communication and placing a high value on internal and external stakeholder engagement. Keen research, analysis and reporting abilities. I have a genuine enthusiasm to make a positive impact through my compassionate character, my experience, knowledge and ability to adapt in ever-evolving environments.

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